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Monitoring and reporting serves the management as an instrument for controlling a process in IT by means of an monitoring system. One function of monitoring and reporting is to intervene into an observed process in case it does not take the wanted course and specific thresholds are exceeded or fallen below. Monitoring and reporting differ in the point in time of the evaluated data. Whilst a real time analysis is undertaken with monitoring, it takes place asyncronous in reporting. Special monitors are dashboards, a specific report is for example the Balanced Scorecard.

bach consulting supports its customers in the preparation, forwarding, processing and storage of relevant information on the business in the form of reports (asynchronous) and monitors (synchron). Reports support on all levels of the business the strategic and operative management. Key factors are:

  • Targeting
  • Data Quality
  • Availibility

Management Reports in IT Monitoring & Reporting

Do you need a systematic and regular report of your project portfolio or require conclusively monitors and reports for your processes?

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BI Platforms in Monitoring & Reporting

You need a BI solution based on Microsoft, Business Objects or TARGIT.

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bc Consulting in Monitoring & Reporting

You are looking for customized solutions for Monitoring & Reporting.

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