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IT Outtasking (OT)

In Outtasking external providers take certain tasks. In this process the contracting company maintains the process control, as staff administration or assets. It gives away only single functions. Typically these tasks are software engineering, data processing, web design, internet research, digitalisation of documents, creation of slides, translations of texts etc. and are given away to companies in India (offshoring) or Slovakia (nearshoring). bach consulting delivers solutions concerning the following questions:
Which cost advantages arise by the use of outtasking in IT development and customising?


You want to check the services of an exterrnal supplier (IT sourcing).

  • Evaluation of external cost estimation
  • Specification of productivity indicators
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Comparison of productivity indicators with reference data (benchmarking)
  • Risk assessment
  • Identify risks of the external offer
  • Recommendation for further proceeding
  • Planning of activities and measures

The realisation is as following:

Preparation of scope
          • Expectations
          • Rough Definition of the project
          • Scope Change/Run respectively the phases 
          • Risks (project, organisation)

        Analysis of contents

        Evalution of results (Change/Run)

        Preparation of results

        Final presentation

        The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

        • Moderation
        • Conduct of analysis
        • Data analysis
        • Evaluation of results and documentation
        • Final presentation

        The services are classified as four categories. The package "Individual" can only be evaluated after the initial briefing of volume and costs.

        I. Initial preparation

        Service PackagesBasis*)
        FP CE Change
        FP CE Run
        Package 1:
        bc Sourcing OT Small
        optionaloptional1 day
        Package 2:
        bc Sourcing OT Medium
        optionaloptional1-2 days
        Package 3:
        bc Sourcing OT Large

        2 days 

        Package 4:
        bc Sourcing OT Individual

        *) It depends on available  information.

        **) The duration is subject to change in case the base modules have to be prepared in advance.


        II. Monthly service:

        Service PackageVolumeDuration
        Package 1:
        bc Sourcing OT Service Small
        --1 day
        Package 2:
        bc Sourcing OT Service Medium
        --1-2 days
        Package 3:
        bc Sourcing OT Service Large
        --2 days
        Package 4:
        bc Sourcing OT Service Individual

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