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IT Sourcing

Is the created value (IT Value) of an IT measure given, the focus is on its efficient provisioning. In this context the question arises if the company provides the service itself or if it is received by an external provider.  

Whilst earlier IT was usually in the responsibility of an internal service provider who if necessary involved external partners in specific questions (Outtasking, Make or Buy), this situation was undertaken by a shift. In the future, IT products are directly obtained by the actual user from the trade page. The role of the CIO is directly influenced: In the future an extremely detailed technical IT knowledge no longer will be requested, rather the ability of mediation between IT product suppliers and fields whose business processes need to be supported.  

In addition the ability to chose the suitable suppliers and to control those and managing the relation will become increasingly important. 

Outtasking in IT Sourcing

You consider to outsource parts of your IT to an external service provider. How much may the external development and maintenance cost?

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Make or Buy in IT Sourcing

You do not know, if you should buy the application as a proprietary development or on basis of a COTS software or if it is less expensive to commission the realization by the internal IT or an external service provider.

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Business Process Outsourcing im IT Sourcing

You would like to outsource a business process and to check if it is effective or efficient.

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Next Generation Outsourcing in IT Sourcing

You would like to support a business process on the basis of an IT Service and look for a decision-making aid for the development with regard to effectivity and efficiency.

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bc Consulting in IT Sourcing

You are looking for support regarding realization of planning and controlling instruments in IT Sourcing.

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