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IT Cost Estimation Run

The cost estimation in run differ from the one in change due to the fact that the productivity of the product changes in the context. This effect exists in both, the self development as well as in customizing of standard software. 

The productivity was estimated above with the help of the Function Point Analysis Method. The described method can be found in its principles here as well. 

The Quick Check is in its basic sense not a separate cost estimation, but is used to deliver notes on abnormalities (risks) in expenses in maintenance and operation. In this context it is used in the application


You want to review the results of an estimation in regard to change and run and you look for a second opinion. The bc QuickCheck CE Run (CE = Cost Estimation) will be our solution if you need information on the validity of estimation in a short period of time.

All significant roles are taken into consideration for expense calculation in IT QuickCheck CE Run. A prepared interview will help you to identify weaknesses within a very short time. The customer gets an impression about further actions after he has received recommendations for action. 

The bc QuickCheck CE Run does not replace a detailed estimation of expenses of IT Service and Run. Because of the missing information on productivity, results might be either falsified or remain not included.

  • Evaluation of the available cost estimation
  • Effort (PD, EUR), activities, scope of functions, productivity of run
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of inconsistencies with regard to costs, scope of functions, resources and IT architecture
  • Risk assessment
  • Risks of target achievement, measures for risk reduction
  • Recommendations for further proceedings
  • Activity planning

The realisation is as following:

Preparation of scope
  • Expectations
  • Rough definition of product
  • Risik (product, organisation)
  • Analysis of content
Analysis of resultsEvaluation of feasibility
DocumentationPreparing of results
Presentation of resultsFinal presentation

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Preparation and moderation
  • Conduct of interviews
  • Evaluation of results and documentation
  • Final presentation

The services are classified into four categories. The package "Individual" can only be evaluated after the initial  briefing of volume and costs.

Service PackagesVolumeDuration
Package 1:
QuickCheck CE Run Small
up to 200 PDca. 1 day
Package 2:
QuickCheck CE Run Medium
200 PD< P <= 800 PD1-2 days
Package 3:
QuickCheck CE Run Large
800 PD < P <= 4.000 PD2-4 days
Package 4:
QuickCheck CE Run Individual
P > 4.000 PDin arrangement



The customer wants to estimate expenses of maintenance costs (run). For the estimation the function point analysis (FPA in short) is used. It serves as an estimation of functional scope of an IT application. The result of a function point analysis is called “function points”, FP in short. bach consulting uses the methods of International Function Point User Group (IFPUG in short) and of COSMIC.

In software development function points are used as a basis for cost estimation, benchmarking and for the derivation of key figures for productivity, efficiency and quality. One major advantage of such an approach is that the function is seen in connection to the related effort. The user gets a realistic impression of estimation of underlying functions.

  • Evalution of operating costs (Run)
  • Specification of expected operating costs (EUR/FP)
  • Specification of scope of functions
  • Evaluation of number of Function Points of operation
  • Assessment of costs (Run)
  • Benchmarking: Comparing actual costs with market data
  • Evaluation of PD for run for the product (year)
  • Estimation of the annual expect person-days (PD)

The realisation is as following:

  • Specfication of analysis targets
  • Form/content of data collection
  • Obtain a decision concerning the baseline (see option)
  • Project schedule
Data analysis – Option A: Requirements are documented
  • IT Analysis (requirements analysis, software design, change requests)
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Conduct data evaluation
Data analysis – Option B: Requirements are not documented
  • Collection of functions in workshops
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Conduct data evaluation
QS Workshop
  • Clarifying open questions
  • Discussion with the customer concerning all remaining issues
  • Corrections with regard to the QS workshop will be amended
PresentationThe handover of results
a) in written form (presentation)
b) as a group presentation for all participants

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Moderation
  • Conduct of analysis
  • Assessment of effort PD, EUR and t
  • Documentation of results
  • Presentation of results

The services are classified into four categories. The package "Individual" can only be evaluated after the initial briefing of volume and costs.

Service PackageVolumeDuration
Package 1:
bc FP Run Small
up to 100 FP 2-3 days
Package 2:
bc FP Run Medium
100 FPs < P <= 250    5 days
Package 3:
bc FP Run Large
250 FPs < P <= 1.000  10 days
Package 4:
bc FP Run Individual
P > 1.000 FPs>10 days








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