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IT Service & Operation

IT Service and Operation includes on the perspective of products the error correction, the treatment of changes (change request and maintenance) and the operation (server, networks, storage, etc.) The amount of costs for service and operation increases in regard to the budget for innovations (change). This is normal due to the functional growth of the products. In order to control the costs for service and operation the following efficiency lever need to be taken into consideration:

  • Modularisation of products
  • Shutting down unused functionalities 
  • Replacement of legacy systems if their productivity is too low
  • Standardisation of processes and functions
  • Consolidation of applications (functions and data should only be provided once)

To get an indicator for an improvement bach consulting offer solutions which are transparent with regard to costs and quality as well as the efficiency in service and operation. bc delivers solutions for the following questions:

  • How great is the expenditure for maintenance and run of the applications?
  • How productive are they in maintenance and run of applications?
  • What potential does exist for an increase in efficiency in maintenance and run of applications?
  • Are the costs for the infrastructure in line with the market?
  • Does the product deliver a positive contribution margin?

Cost estimate in IT Service & Operation

You want to review the results of an estimation with regard to IT Service and Operation and look for a second opinion or a method providing you with the product-related expenses for IT Service and Operation.

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Productivity in IT Service & Operation

You want to evaluate the status quo with regard to its performance (speed, costs and duration of maintenance) of your product (proprietary development/COTS software).

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Efficiency in IT Service & Operation 

You are looking for indications for product-related cost optimization of maintenance and operation (proprietary development/COTS software). 

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bc consulting service in IT Service & Operation

You are looking for support concerning implementation of planning and control instruments for IT Service and Operation.

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