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IT Project Audit

For an IT Manager this is a daily situation: One of his project leaders reports a problem in a project. Without internal knowledge of the project situation the IT Manager cannot estimate the current position. To which stage has the crisis developed to? Does he have to react or is the project able to manage the turnaround by itself? 

For the correct estimation of the project situation an audit by an external IT expert can be a valuable contribution. An audit can deliver the IT Manager a rating of the project and recommendations for action. But only with the help of a targeted audit a situation can be captured quickly and the neccessary mostly painful recommendations for remediation measures. Mostly all project participants are effected by those remediation measures: the IT manager, the project leader and the project team. In order to complete the project audit for the client successfully, the auditors have to respond to the fears of the project participants, build up trust and take the human impact into account. 


The bc Project Audit is the solution of bach consulting for progress evaluation. The purpose of a project audit is to verify whether the project is still on track and which measures have to be taken to ensure the success of the project.

Triggers for audits: Deviations of assumptions and results in IT

But it must not just be a crisis which induces the management to conduct an audit. Less serious reasons can be a cause for an audit. A number of triggers are mentioned as follows:

  • Monitoring of project costs
  • Acceptance of project assignments based on assigned offers
  • Cost overrun in project
  • Lack of results with regard to review of milestones (Achievement of milestones is incompletely respectively exceeded.)
  • Performance review of project team including supplier performance
  • Economic benefit of project/product is at risk (for example late implementation will result in unrealisable sales).
  • Review of project assignment/evaluation of offers respectively project acceptance

In this context the audits can be initiated by different management levels (f. e. project management, business segment management, steering committee, management board, group management board). It seems important that the audit is authorized and accompanied by persons who are able to make decisions due to the expected result dimensions.

Benefit of bc Audits: Evalualtion of project, product and organisation risks

The benefit consists in providing an orientation point of project‘s progression to date. The result arises is detached of personal interests of stakeholders and enables to get a neutral evaluation of project status. Thus it pursues the following objectives:

  • Better safety thanks to objective assessment by neutral experts
  • Transparency about status, structure, processes and social aspects
  • Quick results
  • Measurable results
  • Less total expenditure
  • Concrete measures resulting in significant improvements

Our audit helps you to gain a clear view. It gives you transparency regarding chances of success, risks, weaknesses and of course reasons for deficits.

For this purpose we use established tools and methods which are oriented towards the specific project, individual circumstances and your question in close coordination with you. Directly after our presentation of analysis results and our concept you know exactly what needs to be done to achieve an improvement. For implementation of measures we can provide you with the necessary support.

You ensure a sustained success of the project in question with implementation of measures. Synergy effecs will occur for other projects and for your organisation. This procedure can be used for making clear what you have already done for the success of your project respectively for your Projects.

Implementation takes place in 6 steps as follows:

Step 1: Developing IT audit targets with customer 

  • Working-out targets of audit together with the customer

Step 2: Mapping of customer’s targets on IT audit model

  • Customer’s objectives are represented in the model IT Audit@bc
  • Comparison of budgeted an actually achieved figures

Step 3: Planning and conduct of document analysis

  • Identifying processes, stakeholders and result types

Step 4: Planning and conduct of interviews

  • Answering open questions

Step 5: Plan/actual variances; catalogue of measures

  • Gap analysis / variance analysis

Step 6: Audit report & presentation of results

  • Results / catalogue of measures / planning proposal

IT Auditors@bc: Independence coupled with extensive practical experience

As well as having know-how as auditors the auditors of bach consulting have comprehensive practical experience of audit fields. For this reason they ensure a practice-oriented audit which centers on real benefit for audit circumstances. Therefore a high acceptance of the auditors in projects and organisations as well as of their results focusing on practical feasibility in your company is usually ensured.

A bc audit looks at the following status:

  • Analysis of progress of IT project respectively IT application
  • Determination of causes for obstacles of effectiveness and efficiency in project, product respectively organisation
  • Determination of measures for ensuring project respectively product success and improvement of productivity

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Supply of a realistic estimation of project and product development to management
  • Presentation of action recommendations for project, product and organization
  • Showing different options for action concerning project, product and organisation success
  • If necessary, damage is to be kept away from company
  • The performance of an IT audit proceeds roughly in six steps. Its duration is approximately 1 to 8 weeks.

Duration varies depending on scope of estimations. Therefore an initial briefing about the scope of project audit is a necessary prerequisite for identifying effort.  

Service PackagesVolumeDuration
bc Project Audit--1 - 8 weeks

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