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IT Projects

bach consulting provides you with key figures which you need for the planning and controlling of your project. Be that for the own controlling, for the preparation of project committees, annual planning or individual interim reports. We uncover weaknesses and show solutions. As Interim Manager we do this for an agreed period by ourself.  

Your project has been running for a while and you are uncomfortable about the progress? Make use of our project audit in order to get an independent opinion from a third party concerning weaknesses and the need of improvement. 

Besides we support with our procedure the project management after PMI and Prince2.

Project Controlling in IT Project

You want to know, whether and how the scope of the project has changed quantitatively from the planning stage to the implementation or which scope of the project is already done and which effort is still needed (forecast).

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Cost Estimate of Project in IT Projects

You want to estimate a large project or to review the result of a present estimate.

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Project Audit in IT Projects

You have an uneasy feeling with a project. You are looking for a systematic review of project goals, project mission and current project progress.

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bc Consulting in IT Projects

You are looking for customized solutions for IT projects.

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