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IT Purchase Process

In IT Purchase Process all subprocesses are summarised which depict the whole purchasing process. bach consulting supports you in the purchasing process and the acquisition of IT services for the application development with the help of expanding function orientated approaches. 


You wish to increase value added of your procurement process by supporting sustainably your specialist department in the choice and evaluation of IT suppliers.

  • Process description
  • Mapping of procurement process into Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) model
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis based on procurement process
  • Recommendations for further proceedings
  • Activity planning

The realisation is as follows:

Preparation of scope
  • Expectations
  • Rough project description
Process description
Process acceptance
Process integration
Final presentation

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Preparations and moderation
  • Conduct of process analysis
  • Final presentation

Duration for the initial process description varies depending on scope of process description. A dialogue with the customer is necessary for calculation of expenses.

Service PackagesVolumeDuration
bc IT Purchase Process initiating--3-4 weeks

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