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IT Portfolio

The use of IT in companies aims at the increase of the company's worth. The task of IT portfolio management is to coordinate these tasks in organisation. In doing so IT portfolio management creates a bridge inbetween the company's aims and IT tasks (strategic portfolio planning: business/ IT alignment), planning and controlling of IT projects (IT portfolio management) and IT products (IT product portfolio management). 

The investment portfolio aims at the presentation of fiscal connections. 

By the provision and development of quantitative decision models, bc aims at the assessment of IT investment in a portfolio network.

Strategic Portfolio Planning for the IT Portfolio

You would like to identify, evaluate and put IT measures into a concerted order (medium-, long-term planning).

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Project Portfolio Management in IT Portfolio

You want to identify projects considering the IT measures and to introduce them in a prioritised planning for the following financial year; you are looking for quality-assured information about the project progress or wish to be kept regularly informed about status quo, progress and risks of your project portfolio.

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Product Portfolio Management in IT Portfolio

You want to know, how product costs for change and run will evolve or if the cost development for change and run is efficient respectively you would like to identify measures resulting in cost reduction.

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Investment Portfolio in IT Portfolio

You want to obtain an evaluation of the status quo of the financial planning and are looking for a central platform which allows you to take from data concerning budget planning and control, resource management and value contribution.

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bc Consulting in IT Portfolio

You need individual solutions for your IT portfolio.

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