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Productivity in IT development

The productivity in IT development describes the ability up to which costs and in which time frame the organisation is either able to self-develop software or alternatively can provide customised COTS software. 

To us, the differentiation is very important - because: the statement that higher productivity can be achieved with the help of COTS software rather than the self-developed solution - this is (often) as true it is false simultaneously. True, concerning the development speed and therefore the "time to market". False, if costs are taken into consideration. At this stage our analyses show that commonly there is a cost advantage in self development. 

How can you decide?

Decisive are obviously a range of criteria. With our investigations regarding productivity you will get first of all dues for the evaluation of the status quo of your organisation. You can only decide for yourself which aspects are important to you. We provide the information for you!

Brief description

To determine the productivity we compare as reference, to completed development projects or projects which are still in process. In the latter case all sufficient information about functional scope, costs and time should be available in order to obtain results about the development.

This approach has a lot in common with the method of function point analysis of bc. Depending on the number of selected developments, the expenditure has to be multiplied accordingly for a review. For the estimation of the actual expenditure and cost rates, support through management accounting and respectively IT controlling is needed.

  • Evaluation of productivity of change
      • Evaluation of development time: FP/PM (Change)
    • Evaluation of development costs: EUR/FP (Change)


The realisation is as following:

  • Specification of analysis targets
  • Determine the FP method (IFPUG vs. COSMIC)
  • Form/content of data collection
  • Obtain a decision concerning the baseline (see option)
  • Project schedule
Data analysis – Option A: Requirements are documented
  • IT Analysis (requirements analysis, software design, change requests)
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Conduct data evaluation
Data analysis – Option B: Requirements are not documented
  • Collection of functions in workshops
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Conduct data evaluation
QS Workshop
  • Clarification of open questions
  • Discussion of remaining issues with the customer
  • Corrections with regard to the QS workshop will be amended
PresentationThe handover of results is
a) in written form (presentation)
b) a group presentation for all participants

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Moderation
  • Conduct of analysis
  • Calculation of expenses PT, EUR und t
  • Documentation of results
  • Presentation of results

The services are classified into four categories. The package "Individual" can only be evaluated after the initial briefing of volume and costs.

Service PackagesVolumeDuration
Package 1:
bc Productivity Change Small
up to 100 FPs 2-3 days
Package 2:
bc Productivity Change Medium
100 FPs < P <= 250    5 days
Package 3:
bc Productivity Change Large
250 FPs < P <= 1.000  10 days
Package 4:
bc Productivity Change Individual
P > 1.000 FPs>10 days


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