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IT Development

The knowledge in a transparent and efficient IT development is a crucial key on the way to valuable IT. Both self development or customising of COTS software - depending on the information given and the ones required - there are different methods which need to be adapted.

bach consulting offers solutions which develop transparency and efficiency in IT development and support with its solutions the management skills on different levels of an organisation. 

Cost estimation in IT development

You are looking or solutions in order to identify the estimated expense of self-development or customising of COTS software.

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Productivity in IT development

You would like to obtain information on the status quo of your performance (speed, costs, time) in self-development and respectively the implementation of COTS software (customizing).

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Efficiency in IT development

You are looking for indicators for cost optimisation (project, IT system, organisation) of self-development and COTS software.

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bc consulting in IT development

You want to integrate a tailored solution to your individual situation for the implementation or respectively the establishment of a key figure system.

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