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IT Organisation Benchmark

The IT Organisation Benchmark focuses on the evalutation of economic characteristics for the organisation in Change and Run. This includes staff, technology, process, project field and product. bach consulting provides comparative figures for productivity (expenditure, cost). bach consulting delivers in IT Organisation Benchmark answers to the following questions: 


You need notes on market comparisons for the organisation.

  • Comparison with reference data / benchmarking
  • Costs, Solutions
  • Strength / weakness profile
  • Best-practice comparisons
  • Idenfication of potential for increased cost-efficiency
  • Savings potential, measures

The realisation is as follows:

  • Specification of analysis targets
  • Form/content of data collection
  • Obtain a decision concerning the baseline (see option)
  • Project schedule
Selection / tailoring of benchmark objects
  • Making comparably infrastructure objects
Data collection and comparison
  • Collection of functions in workshops
  • Conduct data evaluation
QS Workshop
  • Clarifcation of open questions
  • Discussion of remaining issues with the customer
  • Corrections with regard to the QS workshop will be amended
PresentationThe handover of results is
a) in written form (presentation)
b) a group presentation for all participants

The consultancy services of bach consulting consist of the following:

  • Moderation
  • Conduct of analysis
  • Determination of productivity
  • Provision of benchmark data
  • Documentation of results
  • Presentation of results

Duration varies depending on scope of assets valued. Therefore an initial briefing about the scope of Benchmark for expense calculation is necessary.

Service PackageVolumeDuration
bc Organisation Bench--2 days - 12 weeks

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