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IT Benchmarking

The knowledge of one's own position, next to the own strengths and potential weaknesses can specifically improve one's IT. This includes a realistic assessment of IT performance. In IT benchmarking the performance of IT services of your company is compared to others. The aim is to identify optimisation potentials and to deduce recommendations which improve your business's performance. The basis for this are Best Practice projects which are used as reference.

bach consulting delivers for more than 17 years comparative figures for IT projects, applications, organisations and infrastructure. In the course of this we can access a data basis of more than 8,000 measures. We show you optimisation potentials for development projects and standard software in change and run for IT infrastructure- (including networks, servers, workplace, phone) and organisation measures. Thereby the focus can be put on the whole organisation or on specific segments. 

IT Benchmarking for IT Applications

You need notes on market comparisons for your own development for change and run.

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IT Benchmarking for IT Infrastructure

You need notes on market comparisons for technology.

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IT Benchmarking for IT Organisation

You need notes on market comparisons for the organisation.

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bc Consulting in IT Benchmarking

You are looking for customized solutions for IT Benchmarking.

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