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bach consulting is a global management and technology consultancy providing solutions for the financial optimisation of IT systems and organisations. It is our aim to increase the corporate success by improving IT values in cooperation with our customers! We have a wide scope of services which we link individually to integrated solutions. The result for our customer: a measurable added value. Learn more about our broad range of services!

IT Development

Effort | IT Demand | Productivity | Efficiency | Management Cockpit | Performance Improvement |

IT Service & Operations

Effort | SLA | Productivity | Efficiency | Service Catalogue | Performance Improvement | Management Cockpit

IT Sourcing

Profitability Analysis | Business Process Outsourcing | Next Generation Outsourcing | Outtasking | Make or Buy

IT Life Cycle

IT Life Cycle Costs | EAM | IT Master Plan | IT Value | Benchmarking | IT Governance

IT Portfolio

Project Portfolio Planning | Annual Planning | Rolling Planning | Prioritisation/IT Value

IT Processes

Process Optimisation | CMMI | ITIL | Risk Management | Agil | COBIT | Best Practice | IT Value Management

IT Projects

Order | Effort | Productivity | Project Audit | Quality | Risk | Forecast | Scope Management


Balanced Scorecard | E2E-Monitoring | Management Cockpit | SharePoint | Business Objects

IT Procurement

Call for Proposal | Controlling | Select IT Service Provider | Evaluation IT Service Provider | Contract Management

IT Benchmarking

IT Applications | SAP/Non-SAP | In-house Development | IT Infrastructure | IT Organisation