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bach consulting offers seminars for IT Value Growth on the basis of your central consulting range.

The seminars are designed to support the full implementation of IT Value Management in your organisation. Thereby we want to ensure the understanding of topics and their application as a basis for the organizational change. 

As an accompany for a standardised procedure in the investigation process of IT Value, bc offers certification program bcCERT. For that the seminars are structured in six units. In the first unit the basics for IT Value Management are created. The identified contents are deepened in the following theme units (i.a. projects, products, portfolio, process) and specific target groups (purchase). You can access more information on our certification program in bcCERT.

Every seminar includes besides an introduction many practically related and on case studies based learning experience and therefore can also be attended independently.

If there are many prospective participants within one company there is the option of booking an Inhouse-Event. Our employees will gladly provide you with all information and make you an individual offer. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Module 1: Basics

In this module the basics of IT Value are presented. Further project, product, portfolio, process and purchase specialisations are built on the mentioned seminars.

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Module 2: IT Projects

This module involves the supply of key figures, which you need for the planning and the management of your project to achieve the pursued value added.

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Module 3: IT Products

A product results from a combination of change and run. In this module the participants get to know the key figures with its characteristics to change and run and its interaction with regard to the value added.

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Module 4: IT Portfolio

The function of IT Portfolio Management is to coordinate the measures, which are subject to corporate value growth. Thereby, the IT Portfolio Management takes over a bridging function between the strategic and operational planning.

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Module 5: IT Processes

In the module Processes, it is about the focusing on the value contribution from the viewpoint of the services and products. Become acquainted with solutions to maximize the overall performance respectively benefits in your organisation.

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Module 6: IT Purchase

This module focuses on the supply of solutions for the value-based purchasing. When buying IT services by the purchase department the challenge is to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio based on the estimated value contribution.

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Basics of the seminars 

  • bcCERT >
    Backgrounds and basics of the certification program of bc 
  • The maximum number of participants for a seminar is limited to 12. 
  • Seminars are availabe as inhouse-events as well