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Digital Performance Champion 2019

Key competence in the digitalisation of companies and thus a competitive factor is the ability to successfully provide software. This includes both the development of individual solutions (in-house development) and the provision of standard software such as SAP (SAP, non-SAP). The knowledge and, as a result, the comparison with third parties on the performance in the software supply thus form important indications regarding one's own performance as well as in the selection of sourcing partners.

The objective of the Digital Performance Champion study is to determine that the company needs the highest performance in terms of speed and cost for a comparable feature set.
As a tool we use the BC Performance Matrix. The following features are used for the implementation:

  • Standardized Procedure
    The determination of performance indicators is based on standardized procedures (ISO certified). This allows serious comparisons of companies.
  • Performance Costs (PK1)
    For the dimension Performance Costs, the calculation is based on the metric EURO per standardized function (PK1). This relates the costs to the scope of functions.
  • Performance Velocity (PK2)
    For the Performance Velocity dimension, the calculation is based on the metric number of normalized functions per Person Month (PK2). This relates the implementable scope of functions per person month. 

For the DPC 2019 we invite all companies in EMEA, APAC and AMER to participate in the study. The focus this year will be on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Further information on the DPC 2019 can be found at the end of this page. An overview of the offered packages can be found in the following table.

The registration packages in the overview

We have put together the following packages for participation in the Digital Performance Champion. You will find an overview in the following table:

Packages  TitleBrief description   Eligible
P 1   Digital Performer

You and your company would like to take part in the study and are interested in the results and the exchange within the framework of a conference.

In principle, all companies (worldwide) are invited to participate in the study. The focus this year is on the countries D, A, CH.

P 2      Performance Analyst I You are interested in the results of the study and in participating in the conference.All interested persons and employees of companies who are active both as software service providers and as their customers.
P 3Performance Analyst IIYou are interested in the study results and the conference, but cannot be on site.All
P 4Executive TalkYou are attending the conference and are interested in individual interviews with executives who participated in the study.Managers who are interested in an exchange with the study participants.
P 5Performance MakerYou are interested in exhibiting at the conference with your own stand.As a company you can measure your performance? Then we look forward  to your participation.


Download the Digital Performance Champion 2019 documents

Title/Short description Date Document
The Digital Performance Champion 2019
Invitation and overview
Registration for the DPC 2019
Package selection and registration - template for written registration
The BC Performance Matrix
Introduction and explanation
Data model for DPC 2019
Data model for participation in DPC 2019
Package description for DPC 2019
Descriptions for five packages
Conditions of participation in DPC 2019
Description of conditions of participations in five packages.