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IT Benchmarking

Performance analysis and optimisation of IT infrastructures, applications and processes


The paper presents the solution approach of bach consulting for IT benchmarking.

Based on three dimensions of IT infrastructures (networks, telephony, servers, data and workplace), IT applications (with in-house development, SAP and non-SAP applications) and IT processes (ITIL / CMMI), solutions for an efficient IT are presented.

Type/Language/Title Date Document
Whitepaper (English): IT Benchmarking
Whitepaper (German): IT Benchmarking


Global Billing in IT

Increase in value added by optimising transfer pricing in groups and internationally active medium size corporations


Due to globalisation of IT services, besides the efficiency of IT, the billing of IT services has a significant impact on the company's profits. While price and cost optimisations have an impact on profit before taxes, transfer pricing has an impact on profit after taxes.

In this paper solutions of bach consulting are presented in which a sustainable optimisation of the tax rate can be influenced by IT.


Type/Language/Title Date Document
Whitepaper (English): Global Billing in IT
Whitepaper (German): Global Billing in der IT


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