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Digitalisation 4.0: IT Controlling think in a new light!

On the basis of a business briefing bach consulting will provide you with an overview of instruments of best practice to control your decisions concerning digitisation 4.0.

The current discussion on digitisation 4.0 shows that securing the business processes with the aid of digital technologies will change sustainably the companies. In order to come to correct decisions in this matter, proper tools are required to support you in the decision making process.

Under the heading

Digitisation 4.0: IT controlling think in a new light!

bach consulting invites you to get to know the best practice instruments for a contemporary controlling in a two-hour interview.


1.    IT Strategy: Which are the right measures?

  • Chances of digitisation 4.0
  • IT Value Added – the core element of sustainable controlling!
  • Evaluation strategies

2.    IT Portfolio: What do I get from my money?

  • Management of the investment portfolio (strategic portfolio, IT project portfolio, IT product portfolio)
  • Prioritisation, controlling, forecast effects for measures and projects
  • Increase in efficiency & cost optimisation

3.    Tools: How do I keep an overview?

  • End-to-end monitoring: from strategy to project with the help of balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Management dashboard
  • Monitoring instruments: BI with Microsoft

4.    Transformation: How can I benefit from this solutions?

  • Introduction in your company: 5 steps towards your success!
  • Management of progress: step by step
  • First steps


Further information on sequence of the event and the organisation will be provided by:

Annette Gehrling

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