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Digitalisation 4.0: Best practice tools in controlling for digital transformation!

In the course of our webinar, you will learn about sustainable solutions for the controlling of digital transformation.

Digitalisation changes strongly the business models of companies in all sectors. Whether in the financial industry, where for many years  IT, among others, is the basis for the provision of current accounts, wealth management and insurance products, telecommunications with their products for smartphones, IP-based telephony and related services, or in the automotive industry, where the models without a navigation system, impact protection and soon self-driving cars are no longer thinkable. Common to all industries is the fact that products and solutions as well as support for the business processes are affected, which are changed with the help of IT or are made possible by it.

In this sea of opportunities and risks, very high demands are placed on the management. In core, it must evaluate new measures, prioritise them and sort out the wrong measures. It is subject to a high time pressure - because: it has never been so easy for the competitor to compete with the established companies or even to overtake them with new digital strategies.

A key to this is the right tools for decision-making. This is where the solution portfolio of bach consulting is based. Our solutions save you from an energy sapping "try and error". We evaluate your measures by means of fact-based selection criteria. In order to give you an impression, we invite you under the title

Digitalisation 4.0: Best practice tools in controlling for digital transformation!

to learn about best practice instruments for a modern IT Controlling in an approx. 2-hour appointment session.

We focus on different perspectives:

  1. Digitalisation 4.0: What changes through digital transformation?

    • Requirements for your organisation
    • The key competency: Software development
    • The key role: IT Controlling
  2. IT Strategy: Which measures are the right ones?

    • Opportunities and risks: Identification of measures
    • IT value contribution - the core of sustainable controlling!
    • Evaluation strategies
  3. IT Portfolio: What do I get for my money?

    • Manage Investment portfolio (Strategic portfolio, IT Project portfolio, IT Product portfolio)
    • Priorisation, control, forecast of measures and projects
    • Efficiency enhancement and cost optimisation
  4. IT Controlling: How do I keep an overview?

    • End-2-end controlling: From the strategy to the project with Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
    • 5 key data figures for your success
    • Management dashboard
  5. Transformation: How can I benefit from the solutions?

    • Introduction strategy
    • Manage the progress: Step by step
    • Getting started

My offer to you:

In a webinar, I will present you our solutions on the basis of the agenda specified above. Here you can get a picture of the enormous value of these solutions. Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the evaluation of IT systems and organisations. 

You would like to have an appointment at your place? I would be pleased to make an individual offer for you in this case.


Make an appointment with bach consulting. For an appointment agreement, you can reach us under the telephone number +49 2244 87844-0 or write an E-Mail:


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