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Certification Program: bcCERT

The Certification Program aims to secure a standardised approach in determining the value added. By taking part in supporting a common understanding in your company which can be of great importance due to missing definitions. In the process of transformation in your company the program supports a solid approach.

With the certification a project member can prove that an impartial instance is tested and approved in its competence for specific tasks.

For the personnel certification by bcCERT as a basis for the five-level-certification-system of bach consulting for qualification and certification of IT value management personnel. For purchasing there is a seperate qualification.

The five levels define fields of application or functional areas in IT value management-practice. At all levels the framework is reviewed and assessed in the certification of IT value management-knowledge.

To achieve for example the level of a Certified IT Value Manager Basis level A seminars G1, G2 and one of the optional subjects OS 1 until OS 3 have to be attended. Further information on this issues you will find in our brochure bcCERT: Backgrounds and requirements for the Certification Programm of bach consulting .

Furthermore we offer a certificate tailored to the needs of IT Purchase. Please contact us!

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Basics of the seminars 

  • bcCERT >
    Backgrounds and basics of the certification program of bc 
  • The maximum number of participants for a seminar is limited to 12. 
  • Seminars are availabe as inhouse-events as well