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In order to be successful on the market in the long term, branded companies and distributors need a sophisticated strategy, attractive products, efficient processes, a precise marketing, a well-positioned organisation and a reliable technology. As a solution provider for evaluation of efficiency and value-added of IT measures we support our customers in selecting and implementing the appropriate measures.


The trade operates in an area of conflict between customers, competition and manufacturers. The actual challenges of trade are as complex as the range of products:
The customer behaviour is becoming more and more dynamic and hybrid. The competition increases due to price and offer transparency of internet and to the rise of trading areas. Moreover this sector is exposed to immense cost fluctuations, this is why the cooperative partnership with the industry is put on trial again and again. Conventional strategies and processes for the management of customers, product ranges, prices and promotions cannot map and handle adequately the challenges and the manifold influencing factors any more. Previous business models and value creation strategies have to be refined and adapted to the changed framework conditions. In this context, the IT is the basis for sustainable and efficient business processes respectively the basis for new products and innovations. The role of IT is to provide contributions to efficiency increase and cost optimisation and to make forecasts about the potential of innovations in a permanent process.

Solutions of bc 

bach consulting supports its customers in the trade sector in all questions concerning the IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. Thereby we focus on solutions on the following topics:

  • Transparency of IT costs
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Economic value added of the IT

We support our customers in the process of

  • Evaluation and optimisation of IT strategies
  • Assessment and prioritisation of development measurements (IT portfolio management) with regard to value contribution
  • Business case calculations
  • Profitability analyses
  • Make or Buy decisions (proprietary vs. COTS software)
  • Support of the controlling of suppliers
  • Conception and implementation of key number systems

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