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Public Sector

Demographic change, structural changes on the job market, international ties – the public sector is undergoing an upheaval. People and policies have increasing expectations of the efficiency and service levels of public institutions. bc supports its customers in evaluating IT solutions for the sectors: Federation, German States, public law institutes and KöR. 


The social, technological and demographical change, the difficult budgetary situation and the internationalisation, Europeanisation pose substantial challenges for the administration. The state should continue to fulfil its tasks efficiently, citizen-friendly and with a high level of quality. In a competitive international setting, public administration is a location factor. The more modern the administration, the more efficiently the administration can react on social changes and even shapes them actively.
In this context, the IT is the basis for sustainable and efficient business processes respectively the basis for new products and innovations. The role of IT is to provide contributions to efficiency increase and cost optimisation and to make forecasts about the potential of innovations in a permanent process.

Solutions of bc

bach consulting supports its customers in the public sector in all questions concerning the IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. Thereby we focus on solutions on the following topics:
* Transparency of IT costs
* Efficiency and cost reduction
* Economic value added of the IT
We support our customers in the process of
* Evaluation and optimisation of IT strategies
* Assessment and prioritisation of development measurements (IT portfolio management) according to the value added
* Business case calculations
* Profitability analyses
* Make or Buy decisions (proprietary vs. COTS software)
* Support of the controlling of suppliers
* Conception and implementation of key number systems
* Evaluation of product portfolios
* Integration of customers, suppliers and companies into the value-added chains

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