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Networking is at the heart of the company in the sector industry. More productive – more cost-effective – more flexible – these are the keywords that dominate the current discussion. bc develops economical solutions for the IT technical challenges for its main actors of this sector: aviation, conglomerates, electrical industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and telecommunications.


The manufacturing industry forms the backbone of the economy. These include both large enterprises and a number of so-called hidden champions which are just as excellent in the matter of internationality and market leadership as of big companies. Regardless of their size, all industrial companies are faced with the challenge to keep pace with fast changing technologies and markets as well as with a keen international competition. To differentiate in this environment with premium products and premium prices, this places extraordinarily high challenges to the value-added, product development and its marketing.
In this context, the IT forms the basis for sustainable and efficient business processes or is the basis for new products and innovations. The role of IT is to provide contributions to efficiency increase and cost optimisation and to make forecasts about the potential of innovations in a permanent process.

Solutions of bc

bach consulting supports its customers in the industry sector in all questions concerning the IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. Thereby we focus on solutions on the following topics:

  • Transparency of IT costs
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Economic value added of the IT

We support our customers in the process of

  • Evaluation and optimisation of IT strategies
  • Industry 4.0: The Internet of things and services
  • Assessment and prioritisation of development measurements (IT portfolio management) with regard to value contribution
  • Business case calculations
  • Profitability analyses
  • Make or Buy decisions (proprietary vs. COTS software)
  • Support of the controlling of suppliers
  • Conception and implementation of key number systems
  • Evaluation of product portfolios and support in the due diligence
  • Integration of customers, suppliers and companies into the value-added chains

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