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Plannable? Affordable? Efficient? Our support ranges from the estimation of the capacity of IT measures, over the automation of business processes and their contribution to an increase in efficiency in an estimation of the economic value added of IT measures of our customers. bc supports its customers in the sectors: energy supply, renewable energies and oil & gas.


Privatisation, liberalisation, deregulation, globalisation and consolidation are more than key words in this dynamic sector, they also sustainably shape both the daily business, as well as the strategic course setting for the future. Furthermore, next to the high investments in production and network and the extensive regulations, in particular those based on the increasing demands of customers, put companies of the energy industry in front of a change and thereby new challenges. As crucial success factors in the common market situation particularly a strategic frame, extensive market orientation and a clear sales strategy have evolved, next to quickness, lean processes, optimisation of communication and organisation. The IT is the ground for sustainable and efficient business processes or alternatively the basis for new products.

The task of the IT is to deliver a permanent process contribution to an increase in efficiency and cost optimisation.

Solutions of bc:

bach consulting supports its customers in the energy sector in all questions concerning the IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. Thereby we focus on solutions on the following topics:

  • Transparency in IT costs
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Economic value added in the IT

We support our customers in the process of

  • Evaluation of IT strategies
  • Assessment and prioritisation of development measurements (IT portfolio management)
  • Business case calculations
  • Make or Buy decisions
  • Support of the controlling of suppliers
  • Conception and implementation of key number systems


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