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Chemistry & Pharmacy

bc supports its customers in the process of optimisation of inventions in the IT by improving the efficiency of cost structures and by aligning the innovation on the economic value added. To this the atomisation and cost transparency contribute to. bc supports its customers in the sectors:
chemistry, pharmaceuticals and bioengineering.


Barely another sector is as innovative and research intensive as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It has to cope with increasing energy costs and stricter regulations in environmental and climate protection.

In addition, the worldwide competition is great. On the market only those can succeed who work together with the downstream industries and research institutions on new substances and applications and at the same time continuously improves the cost basis by more efficient production and sales processes.

The task of the IT is to deliver a permanent process contribution to the efficiency increase and cost optimisation.

Solution of bc:

bach consulting supports the pharmaceutical and chemical companies in all questions concerning the IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. In the center there are the solutions to the following topics:

  • Transparency in IT costs
  • The efficiency and cost reduction
  • The economic value added of the IT

Based on our high degree of specialisation we elaborate solutions with you for Make or Buy, support you in decisions and the prioritisation of your portfolio and are your partner in the evaluation of business processes and their support by the IT.

You can find further information in Solutions or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us!

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