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Basic changes rule the automotive industry. Both the demand of humans for mobility, as well as the change of technological platforms. bc guides the different actors through this process of change and works out solutions to realise the economic success of main actors in this sector: automotive producers and suppling companies.


One glance on the latest models leaves no doubt: the car develops more and more to a rolling software- and internet device. The following selection points out the challenges which producers and suppliers have to face:

  • Development of control units for motors
  • Energy-management and the charge control of hybrid- and electric vehicles
  • Highly crosslinked driving assistance systems
  • Crosslinking of the vehicle with the internet, infotainment and app development
  • IT architecture of mobile online services
  • Telematics and consolidation of operating systems

Controlling of global IT organization which are centrally controlled and locally managed

For this there has to be an effective and efficient organisation which fulfils the demanded quality and time frame.

Solutions of bc:

bach consulting supports automotive producers and suppliers in all questions in IT development, IT operation, sales and controlling. In the center the solutions to the following topics are given:

  • Transparency of the cost of the IT
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Economic value added

Based on our high degree of specialisation we elaborate implementable solutions for complex cost developments for IT architecture in vehicle-development, function strategies and their prioritisation. Thereby we help our customers to sustainably improve in transparency, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

You can find further information in Solutions or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us!

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