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Industry Focus

One thing all economic sectors have in common: adequate methods to control the IT on the basis of a targeted business value as the essential challenge of the following years. Every sector has its own requirements and demands individual and industry-specific experience.  

bach consulting offers its solving skills in a range of sectors, both to corporate businesses and medium-scale enterprises.


Car Manufacturers | Automotive Supplier

Chemistry & Pharmacy

Chemistry | Pharmaceuticals | Bioengineering


Utilities | Renewable Energy | Oil & Gas


Banks / Financial Institutions / Land Bank / Cooperative Banks | Building Societies | Private Equity | Insurance | Leasing | Mortgage Banks

Health Services

Health Insurance | Hospitals | Hospital Authority | Medical Technology |


Trade | Consumer Goods


Aviation | Conglomerates | Electrical Industry | Engineering | Plant | Telecommunications

IT Service Provider

Software Houses | Data Centers | Systems Integrators | IT Service Companies

Public Sector

Federation | German State | Community | Public Law Institution | KöR

Transport & Logistics

Tourism | Transport & Logistics