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IT Value Growth

bach consulting is a global management and technology consulting with a focus on IT development, IT service, IT purchase and IT controlling. We achieve growth and economies of scale on the revenue side for our customers based on facts and practical solutions.

About bach consulting

You want to know more about bach consulting? Get an overview on work practices, corporate governance, management and partners. Here you can find all important information.

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Events and training

The events and seminars support the knowledge transfer on the basis of main solutions for IT Value Growth.  

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Become a part of bach consulting's face!

We are looking for talents who fit into our business culture and are comfortable in this position.

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IT Benchmarking

The paper presents the solution approach of bach consulting for IT Benchmarking. Based on IT infrastructures, IT applications and IT processes, solutions for an optimised IT based on price and cost benchmarks are presented.

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Global Billing in IT

Due to globalisation of IT services, besides the efficiency of IT, the billing of IT services has a significant impact on the company's profits. While price and cost optimisations have an impact on profit before taxes, transfer pricing has an impact on profit after taxes.

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