bach consulting

The bridge to measureable IT success!

Mission: IT Value Growth

The economic value added of IT (IT value) describes the economical success of IT measures in a company. It reflects the additional value earned beyond the capital costs.

With its solution portfolio bach consulting supports its customers to determine and increase their economic value added of IT measures. For this purpose, we take different perspectives of IT which we have summarized in ten categories. We offer our solutions for the value-based management (solutions) for each category (see figure).

Each category provides solutions and means for a gradual financial optimization, which enables you to profit from our realization of offered measures right from the beginning. The solutions are orientated towards three successive and interrelated stages:

  • Transparency
    Transparent, scientifically established methods for determining financial key figures
  • Efficiency & Cost optimization
    Revenue growth through optimization of products, projects and processes
  • IT Value
    Determination of sustainable financial key figures for IT value added 

With the ability to assess the value added of IT measures we put a counterbalance to the common cost view of IT. With our solutions you are able to give IT its rightful place in the value added of your company. Which measures are profitable? Which ones aren’t? We contribute with our responses towards the transformation of IT from a passive to an active service provider (IT as “enabler”) and thus the boundaries dissolve between business and IT.

The solution components presented can be applied directly or - if necessary - combined into an individual solution.