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Name of Company

bach consulting GmbH

Trade Register Number

AG Siegburg HRB 10053

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Performance Profile

Strategic Goal: IT Value Growth

Operative Support in the lines: 


01 April 2004

Founder/Associate/ Managing Director

Jürgen Bach
Graduate Mathematician

Number of Employees




History: 1996 - 2014


The focus of IT Vale Growth is embedded in the company's name. bach consulting is now known under the extended company's name

bach consulting GmbH | IT Value Management Solutions. 


The new organisation “bears fruits”. The number of projects and products evaluated increases to 435 387 FPs with regard to estimated IT budget of 735 Mio. EUR in this year.


Optimization of support services by standardization and centralization

The reorientation of bc by adapting the organizational structure (Service Center) optimizes the quality of solutions, availability and costs


Concentration on financial optimization of IT systems and organisations

The range of services takes now aspects of support of management control and financial orientation increasingly into consideration. Focuses on the following services are:

  • IT Benchmarking
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Project-/Program Management
  • Process Management


On 1st of April 2004 started the bach consulting GmbH.

The company arises from the partnership "bach consulting Projektmanagement + Software Engineering". Focuses on the following services are

  • Cost Estimation of software-development projects
  • Process Optimization (CMM)
  • IT Benchmarking

In this year bc estimates 150 000 FPs with regard to assessed IT budget of approx. 100 Mio. EUR.


Foundation of the partnership bach consulting Projektmanagement + Software Engineering:  

bach consulting is established by the graduate mathematician Jürgen Bach and he starts his consultation as individual entrepreneur with the following focuses:

  • Estimation of IT projects
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering