bach consulting

The bridge to measureable IT success!

Culture & Values

At bach consulting you become part of a team that changes the customer’s perspective of IT. The question about the value contribution , that IT delivers for the business, is the focal point of our activities. To this end, we are looking for employees who are able to break new ground to solve challenging tasks – who may call into question everyday items.

Our mission is to increase the customer’s effectiveness and competitive strength and to focus on the right measures. This goal also determines our understanding of management and cooperation in our business.

Therefore, we work with flat hierarchies, we strive for open and uncomplicated terms creating trust at bc. In a performance-based and goal-oriented manner allowing individual developments. With a sense of responsibility enables to make well-founded and considered decisions. Our high standards for management and cooperation shall provide orientation and concern for everyone.  

Our Management Principles

Respect, trust and transparency form the basis for cooperative management relations and are in our opinion essential for an effective and successful cooperation.

Our management processes pursue the development and promotion of all people who work in our company, to afford an optimum of space to the individual potentials and to improve continuously their skills and knowledge.

Our managers act as role models for their staff and stand out by their reliability, sense of responsibility and willingness to change.

Our leaders transfer responsibility to their employees at an early stage and promote them, make targets and target achievement transparent. They take time actively to provide regularly feedback about services provided and perspectives in personal discussions as a matter of course.

Our employees are performance- and team-oriented, have the skills and the willingness to cooperate with engagement and understand changes as an opportunity for their personal development. They give actively their leaders an open and constructive feedback about their leadership performance.

We consider the quality of leadership as a significant factor for our success. Our leaders and employees actively promote this quality of leadership and see this commitment as an important part in their careers.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The objective of bc is to recruit entrepreneurially-minded employees with profound knowledge. Not decisive are in this regard the gender and the cultural background. Everyone has a chance! This also applies for the career development.

We believe that the personal development is encouraged distinctly and the optimum benefit is assured for our customers by combining different competencies and personal diversity.