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Career & Development

Career Model

The bc-career model is characterized by a quick assumption of responsibility, an individual, performance-oriented career development as well as a continuous fostering. Instead of „up or out“ the principle at bc is „stay and grow“. Our employees are as varied as our customers are.

We attach great value to diversity. That’s why we support your development as a leader or a specialist. bc creates a working environment in which everybody can develop their talents to the full and deliver top performance.

Career Path

Each career level at bc corresponds to certain performance requirements and expectations. To allow you to comply with those, you will be supported by various measures. These include in particular training courses as well as mentoring. A regular individual feedback will support you on your career path, too.

Experienced employees of bc assess regularly your performance in conversations with you. So you can verify where you stand. And together with you we will discuss how your further development may look like. So that you know what you are able to achieve.

Your career at bc depends on your personal development potential and your individual performance.  

Continuing Education

bc offers their employees various opportunities for own further education. Whether it is the enlargement of sector-specific expertise, methodical expertise or the development of individual factors of personality.

Training on the Job

After an initial introduction you start directly with the project. You will work on project and learn „on the job“: In the project work and in special tasks you will put into practice what you have learnt. Your line manager and your project manager will support you in your personal development. In close co-operation, they will define your objectives for the project, coach you, monitor the achievement of the objectives and identify any needs for further development. Everyone at bc has the opportunity of individual step-by-step development and continuous skill improvement.

Continuous Feedback

Each consultant receives feedback on the project work performed from the project manager and feedback from his superior on the overall annual performance at the end of the year. However, the feedback is not only provided in one direction. Each employee gives his project manager and his line manager his feedback. Thus, employees and leaders have the opportunity to improve permanently and develop through continuous feedback.

Range of Seminars

The training program of bc offers a wide range of development opportunities: Throughout our various seminars we convey our employees bc-relevant expert knowledge, teach your methodical skills and develop your consulting skills as well as leadership and social competence. Through internal and external trainings and other training measures you are given the opportunity to improve yourself professionally.


During your first year at bc each consultant or senior consultant is supported for all matters by a mentor on site. Mentoring is an element that should facilitate the switch to working life as a consultant for graduates, but also for persons with initial professional experience. Any new entrant will be supported in individual matters at least six months by an experienced employee acting as contact person and advisor. The mentor helps the new employee to familiarize himself with our corporate culture and corporate objectives, to develop his skills and to get off to a positive start in his career. The mentor can be a role model and a sparring partner for the new entrant at the same time. He can benefit from his knowledge and his experiences and is able to pass on these later in turn to other new entrants.

bc acad

bc supports its employees in dissertations projects and in other professional trainings, for example MBA. We would like to inform you about the conditions and the precise structuring in a personal interview.