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How to join bc

Graduate degree 

You master the theory - you show in praxis. We demand a lot from us to be able to offer a lot to our customers.  Therefore we look for excellent graduates (f/m) who are widely interested in the challenges of consulting. For us the following university courses are interesting:

  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • National Economy
  • (Economic-) Information Technology
  • (Economic-) Mathematics
  • Economic-Engineering
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences

As graduate (f/m) you should have already gained extensive insights into the praxis of consultancies. Ideally you have already completed a training before your studies. In all areas we are looking for a dedicated, communicative character with a high customer orientation and the ability to think outside the box. You can find detailed information for the different vacant positions on entry level in our job market.


You are interested in performance and courage to decide. Professionals (f/m) who start their next career step at bach consulting have several years of sectoral work experience. They have successfully demonstrated, as can be proved, a professional qualification in one of the following sectors (link zur Branchenübersicht) or in consultancy. You have a sound know-how in project management that you want to introduce in a constructive cooperation customer-focused and employee-oriented. You feel obliged to the targets of the company with the courage to make decisions, you are able to identify with the corporate culture and decisively contribute to the establishment of a consistent and productive relationship to customers and employees. If this description matches you, if you belong to the people who never finish learning despite varied experiences, if you combine entrepreneurial spirit with an open management style, you will find a challenging work environment at bc. And then, you should present us your personality. You can find detailed information for the different vacant positions on professional level in our job market.


You can complete a traineeship in different consulting areas to gain an insight into the praxis of a consultancy. There is also the option to complete a traineeship in one of our internal departments (research, human resources, recruiting, EDV-administration). The trainee (f/m) should be at an advanced state of her/his academic studies in the fields of economics, physics, computer sciences or mathematics etc., chose relevant consolidations for her/his subject and hold high marks. You are highly motivated, eager to learn and have very good analytical skills. You can find detailed information for the different vacant trainee positions in our job market.

Student Assistance

As a student (f/m) it offers the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the sector consulting by means of a long-term student cooperation at bc. We employ assistant students in the fields of research, backoffice, secretariat, EDV-administration and development. It is a prerequisite that you have sound user skills in dealing with Microsoft Office products, the ability to work independently, personal engagement and real interest in the job. You can find detailed information for the different vacant positions in our job market.

Internal Positions

In an exciting environment characterized by dynamic growth the areas (backoffice, corporate communications, EDV-administration, reception, human resources, accounting/controlling, recruiting, research, secretariat) offer interesting development opportunities. High professionalism combined with customer-oriented attitude are the basic prerequisites for a service provider oriented towards the company’s performance. You can find detailed information for the different vacant internal positions in our job market.

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